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La Película más Perfecta

Ayer, he vista al “Laberinto del Fauno”, una película de Guillermo del Toro.  ¡Actualmente, lo he vista dos veces! Esta película se habla enteramente en español. Yo nunca veo las películas en español porque yo no hablo muy bien el … Continue reading

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Where’s John Been?

Some may have noticed that lately I’ve been a little slower than normal in answering questions. I’ve even beed posting answers with a few typos in them. It’s because I’ve had a problem with Retinal Detachment.   BTW, see the … Continue reading

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Why I’m In a Bad Mood Today (or, “Cowardly Credit Card Companies”)

This is the first thing I’ve posted here of a personal nature. It’s a pity it has to be on a subject like this. All of us, at least all of us in the United States, have been hearing about … Continue reading

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