My Favorite Backup Software is Back from the Dead

I’ve been in the IT industry since the days when 6250 bpi reel to reel magnetic tape was a big deal. I’ve done a lot of backups, and one thing I’ve learned is: it’s not a backup if you can’t restore it.

After years of frustration with IOMEGA Backup (which often could not restore a backup), I found salvation in the form of a product named Dantz Retrospect. These people understood backup. Their software wasn’t the easiest to use in the world, but once set up, it pretty much just worked. I never found a situation where it couldn’t restore files correctly.

Unfortunately, it was sold to EMC back in 2004. Now, although EMC knew hardware, they proved to me that they didn’t know backup software. I pretty much stopped buying upgrades for Retrospect by version 7.5.

But today, I got an email telling me about “Retrospect 9 for Mac”. Now, I don’t have a Mac, but the idea of a new version of software named Retrospect interested me enough to browse to their site, where I read:

PLEASANTON, Calif.—November 2, 2011—Retrospect, Inc., a privately‐held company recently founded by longtime Retrospect team members, announced today the immediate availability of its first independent product offering, Retrospect 9 for the Mac. With features like data deduplication, network backup of Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, and new support for cloud‐based storage, Retrospect 9 provides critical functionality for professionals and small businesses that need more than basic data protection.

That’s some of the best news I’ve heard this year!

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