Ways to See SOAP Traffic

There are several ways to see the soap traffic. To generate test messages and watch the response, I would consider using soapUI from http://www.soapUI.org. This tool will parse your WSDL and will allow you to build request messages and send them, and it will then record and display the response. It’s also good in that it will allow you to maintain a library of test messages. It has many more features that I’ve never used.

Alternatively, you can use a network monitoring tool like:

Finally, if you want to make this functionality a permanent part of your code, you can take a look at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.services.protocols.soapextension.aspx, which includes a very useful example. This code will permit tracing either on the client or the server.

WCF has all of the above beaten, badly. It includes an extensive tracing feature, including complete message tracing, and supplies a program to read the traces. You can even produce traces on both the client and server, and look at them together, as a single session. See the Message Logging and Tracing sections of Administration and Diagnostics.

Updated 2008-03-27

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2 Responses to Ways to See SOAP Traffic

  1. Tim says:

    You are forgetting SoapScope which does a good job of both creating, managing and debugging soap related traffic. If all you need is simple viewing Fiddler is also a great alternative…

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the comment, Tim. How did you find this posting?
    I did, briefly, forget SoapScope, which I\’ve tried and found very useful. Unfortunately, I also found it a bit expensive for casual use. I would recommend anyone to try SoapScope (http://www.mindreef.com/products/soapscope/index_temp.php) if you\’re going to be working extensively with Web Services.  The SoapScope Server looked very interesting; unfortunately, I couldn\’t get buy-in for either product, and had to write my own (limited) tool.
    BTW, you probably don\’t remember me, but I worked on a contract at Monster for Bob Pacheco. I remember you leaving for Compuware.

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